GS1 – Synchronization & dynamic optimization of information flows

Blockchain protocols for a collaborative logistics

1. Project Summary

Name of company: GS1 France

Sector: Supply Chain

Project Period: 2018 – 2020

Mission of the project: 

Introduce digital mechanisms to synchronize logistical flow of information. By breaking down data silos, show the potential of economic and environmental optimization. Implement a digital and collaborative transformation of the logistics process and support the development of innovation.

BC technologies: Ethereum 

Maturity Level: PoC

2. Project details

Pain Points

  • “Multi-homing” and administrative costs in transport logistics.
  • Lack of interoperability between different actors’ scheduling software.
  • Difficulty in providing a standardized framework to track delivery trucks, leading to a lack of reactivity in the rescheduling process.


Blockchain – a catalyzer of collaborative change.

Figure 1


A collaboration between actors without a trusted third-party.

Figure 2

A decentralized and collaborative protocol.