fragmos chain – OTC Derivative Trade & Peer to Peer Banking

Post-Trade service for OTC derivatives

1. Project Summary

Name of company: fragmos chain

Sector: Finance 

Project Period: September 2019 – March 2020

Mission of the project: 

Eliminate trade data mismatches through post trade automation in a Blockchain Platform.

Final Result: 

  • Processes are streamlined from trade capture and confirmation to coupon payments and regulatory reporting.
  • Data are segregated per counterparty, and encrypted using state-of-the-art standards, with strong authentication mechanism

BC technologies: Corda 

Maturity Level: Minimum Viable Product

2. Project details


Inefficiencies in OTC post trade management, due to mismatches between counterparties’ trade data, results in $5Billion costs per year.

Main Challenges

  • Data privacy for bilateral trades
  • Performance & scalability

Blockchain Benefits

Figure 1

Layered Approach

Figure 2